If you have faced a clogged toilet, you are not alone.  Each year, more than one-in-five Americans cope with a blocked toilet. But if a few proper steps are taken, you can avoid most clogs.


Here’s advice to help you forestall a clog:


Flushing Power


You need to strengthen the power of your toilet’s flush by clearing the flush holes that are found under the rim of the bowl. Here what you can do; use a small mirror to check the holes that are under the rim. You are looking to see if there are any mineral deposits, grime and anything in the way of a clean, clear hole. Grab a wire hanger and straighten it out so that you can make something to pole through the holes. Poke each hole clean with a length of the hanger making sure to twist and turn the wire to loosen anything that might be clogged up there. Next you want to flush the bowl to remove loosened deposits.


Use Easily Dissolving Paper


A bath tissue such as your typical brand of toilet paper breaks up faster than other kinds of paper towels, such as napkins and clean up towels. What these types of paper do is to help with clearing your pipes quicker.  A toilet paper that dissolves quickly is the only type of paper you should be using in your pipes. Paper towels and wipes are very slow to dissolve and will easily back up your average toilet. Make sure you are using fine, quick dissolving toilet paper in your toilet bowls. Anything else should be disposed in the trash can.

Risky Toilets


The older the plumbing the higher the risk for clogging. If you have a toilet system that gets clogged often it is most likely because of any of the following. People with septic systems, older homes, bad flushing habits, and low and bad flow toilets are at a higher clogging risk than others. Sometimes it might be cost prohibitive to replace the entire system so using good habits can be the only solution.


Its A Toilet Not A Garbage Canimages1

Many folks will throw everything down the toilet not knowing the effects of such abuse. The only thing that goes down a toilet should be toilet paper. Anything else presents a risk and can easily cause clogging. Enough clogging and after many year the pipes can break or require a complete over hall. Keep a wastebasket in the bathroom for other types of garbage such as cotton swabs, dental floss, disposable diapers, feminine products, etc.


Accidents Happen


Don’t leave small objects on the back of your toilet that have the potential to fall in and cause a clog. Often kids toys and hair and beauty products are the culprit. Be sure to keep them clear from the toilet. In general the toilet tank should not be used as a shelf for any items. This is just asking for trouble. Install a cabinet instead to keep items out of the way from falling into the toilet.

Read The Label


This might seem obvious but make sure that you use bath tissue that indicates on the packaging that it is safe for standard septic and sewer systems. Most folks don’t realize this but there are instructions and uses that are found on the label. Some brands might caution you from using them on older systems.

Clean Out

indexA monthly clean out is your best defense. Do this often at least once a month, pour bleach into the toilet bowl before bedtime, and flush or rinse in the morning. This will keep the bowl fresh, clean and free of debris that can clog up the bowl over time.


Men Vs Women


We all do things that might cause clogs to our toilets for example women are more likely to lose jewelry or accessories down the toilet, while men most often lose wallets, money, or identification. This is something to keep in mind. Ladies keep your stuff away from the bowl. This goes for guys too. With enough care we can keep our toilets clear all the time.


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So use this information and you are assured to have a clog and problem free toilet that doesn’t cost you time and money in getting clear.

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