As part of its study of blocked toilets a major company sponsored a national survey to find America’s Cloggiest City. Here’s what we discovered:

New York City is the cloggiest city in America and Seattle/Tacoma is the least. A greater proportion of New Yorkers (68%) than those living in the Seattle/Tacoma area (59%) have experienced a clog in their home. Nearly one-third (30%) of New Yorkers have called a plumber to deal with a clog, compared to 11 percent in Seattle/Tacoma.


Cities With The Highest Clog Rates

1.        New York
2.        Miami/Fort Lauderdale
3.        Los Angeles
4.        Philadelphia
5.        Houston
6.        Atlanta
7.        Chicago
8.        Portland, OR
9.        Indianapolis
10.      San Francisco Bay Area

Cities With The Lowest Clog Rates

1.        Seattle/Tacoma
2.        Denver
3.        Minneapolis/St. Paul
4.        Orlando Area
5.        Baltimore

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