Have A Clog?

images2For the average person a clog toilet can ruin your day. For others that might be a little bit on the handy side it is just a minor inconvenience. It is always wise to have a plunger handy. Most people will keep on by the side of their toilet. A plunger is a basic household item that you can get for under $10. The benefit of the plunger is that it helps to unclog potential clogs as they are happening. If you are in an old building or home often each flush is a potential problem is the flushing power is simply not there. A plunger in the home helps to assist paper and waste going down the toilet.

Another must have item around the home is a hand snake. The hand snake is essential for then a plunger will not do. A hand snake will go further in the toilet to move items that get stuck due to flush power. Often items get stuck right in front of the first bend of the toilet. A plunger does not work in these cases but a hand snake will work. A hand snake will cost about $20 but is crucial if you often have clogging.

Unclog-Toilet-with-Plumbing-SnakeAnything more than the above and you are more of a plumber than a handyman. For more stubborn clogs we recommend a service that goes by the name of 59 unclog any drain. It is a nationwide franchise of cheap plumbers that will remove a clog for only 59. It is a great deal as they usually arrive within the hour and are finished just as fast. I suggest you do a search for $59 unclog any drain” or something similar. They are one of the best services around.

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